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Our advanced platform allows you to distribute your forms to your entire audience in minutes. Whether you’re sending forms to one recipient or hundreds, sending is as simple as selecting your recipients, filling in any internal fields on your form, and clicking “Send”. Your recipients receive your form in seconds and can complete and sign them immediately on any device without downloading, scanning or printing.

Easily create, send, and receive online forms, agreements, applications, surveys,
and much more, right from your smart phone or desktop.

About Paperless Forms

Paperless Forms was created when the team at a recruitment software company needed a simple, intuitive form builder.

Founder Ken Walker wanted his clients to have the ability to create branded custom forms quickly and easily. Everything he found was complex and difficult, with a big learning curve. So, Ken and his team set out to design a simple, yet powerful form builder that could be used for projects of all sizes, from simple event forms to more advanced forms.

Paperless Forms is the result.

Easy-to-use Online Form Builder.

Anytime, Anywhere,
On Any Device

Nothing to
download or install

Simply log into your
account using your
smart phone.

How Paperless Forms Works

Electronic signature

For forms where a signature is required Paperless Forms allows you to capture the digital signatures of each party to your form


Your forms convert to a digital version that can easily be completed and signed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer

For Internal Use

Many paper forms have a “For internal use” section. Paperless Forms allows your internal users to easily complete the.

Multiple recipients

Paperless Forms allow you to do a round-robin with your forms where the form is completed and can be pushed to another.

Easy form editor

Our powerful form tool allows you to design attractive forms in minutes, even if you have no graphic design experience.

Public forms

We host a growing library of public forms for all industries that you’re welcome to take advantage. Simply select from our existing.

Download form data to spreadsheet

Download data from your completed forms into spreadsheets and csv files for easy storage, analysis.

Mobile Ready Paperless Form Creation

Why Choose Paperless Forms

The easiest way to accelerate your workflow!

Lower Costs

Small or large, Paperless Forms gives businesses of all sizes the ability easily implement the critical forms and documents that drive core business operations without the associated print, designs and storage expenses.

Easy To Use

Forms that used to take days to design and print can now be implemented in minutes and adjusted to on the fly to reflect the changing nuances of daily operations.

More Intuitive than Paper

From contracts, to invoices, to surveys, and much more, Paperless Forms gives you the ability to design forms and documents that incorporate valuable guidance during completion.

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Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device Nothing to download or install
Simply log into your account using your smart phone.

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