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5 Ideas for Customer Feedback Forms

5 Ideas for Customer Feedback Forms

Knowing what customers think gives a business a competitive edge. These insights provide valuable data that drives decisions to improve quality, operations and customer experience. But how to go about getting a survey out to buyers? Here are 5 ideas for customer feedback forms. Read them all to see which are a good fit for your business.

Email Footer

By placing a link to a feedback form in an email signature, customers have an open invitation to share their positive experience. Or, if things did not go well, it’s a space to share their complaints instead of doing it on an online review platform.

Post-Purchase Email

A confirmation, summary, or thank you email after a purchase is another idea for placing a customer feedback form. Simply include the link in that email to gather feedback specific for that purchase.

QR Code on Receipt

Does your business print out receipts to customers? If so, include a QR code for your customer feedback form. This can connect to an incentive such as offering a voucher for a future purchase. 

QR Code at Transaction Points

This idea suits businesses with a storefront. Look for where staff interact with customers, and place a small sign asking for feedback, with a QR code for the form. Depending on the business, this could be changerooms, checkout counter, or reception area.

Customer Communication Plan

There are many ways to engage customers with a regular communication plan. This could be a monthly newsletter to share testimonials, updates, and ideas. Or it could be a weekly message of tips and advice. Whatever the format, this is an opportunity to include a link to a customer feedback form. A powerful idea is to share past feedback and what the business did as a result. For example, sharing that customer feedback noted poor lighting in the changerooms. As a result, lighting has been updated to use less energy and provide more wattage. This is an excellent way to demonstrate that your business listens to customers.

Embed on Website

This isn’t a fit for every business. However, embedding a customer feedback form on a website makes sense in some situations. For example, adding it to a confirmation page. Therefore, when a customer makes a purchase or sends in an enquiry, they land on a page with an embedded feedback form asking them to share their experience. 

Ideas to Engage Customers

In business, knowledge is power. Engaging customers to understand how they think and feel about dealing with your business is valuable. The positive feedback affirms what is working in hiring, training, and operations. Meanwhile, any negative feedback is an opportunity to improve. These tips on customer feedback surveys will help you get started. And for more ideas on how to use forms to improve customer service, read this article.