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Automating Workflows with Digital Forms

Automating Workflows with Digital Forms

Efficient business processes save time and money. Automating workflows with digital forms is a smart and effective way to achieve this. Read on for X ideas you can use to improve business data management and processes.

Understanding Form Triggers

First of all, understanding form triggers is key to using digital forms to automate workflows.  A trigger is set up to initiate a new action. When used strategically, triggers clear bottlenecks, improves communication, and reduces wait times. Investing a few minutes to set up and test a trigger can save hundreds of hours over weeks and months. While triggers can be set up for a whole form, they can also be used according to data from specific fields. Overall, there are unlimited ways to use these, from alerting a team member that a form was received, or sending out a confirmation email. 

Calendar Integration

Integrating a form with a calendar is an effective way to process enquiries and requests quickly. Also, this helps to create a positive customer experience. For example, data from a form can be used to schedule meetings, appointments, or calls. And then, the appropriate team members have it on their calendar, along with all the information they require. This streamlines processes because there is no manual entry or wait times. 

CRMs and Digital Forms

A CRM is a customer relationship management system. Integrating digital forms with a CRM improves workflow because it eliminates data entry. Contact information, preferences, and requests can move directly from an online form into their customer record in the CRM. Mapping form fields to the software ensures that data is labelled and located where it’s needed.

Payment Processing

Automating workflows with digital forms really pays off when it comes to payment processing. Eliminating a step makes for a smoother experience for customers. And of course, it also cuts down on workload for staff. Adding payment options to a form allows customers to send funds securely at the same time they complete an order or book an appointment.

Service Tickets

Automate the creation of service tickets by integrating digital forms into the workflow. Forms can be used to report bugs, issues, or even return requests. First, collecting this data with a form allows for easier tracking and analysis. And this helps a business make smart decisions. Second, the form can be used to trigger task creation and alerts in an email or project management software. Therefore, the right person in the right department can immediately take action, and have available all the information required. 

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new staff involves a lot of information over many steps of the hiring process. This makes it an ideal place to optimize workflows by using digital forms. For example, emergency contact information can flow directly from a form to a database, spreadsheet, or software. Also, payroll, IT, and security teams can be alerted automatically of the new hire, and have the information required to complete their part of the onboarding process. 

Creating Documents

Documents can be created using the data from specific fields of an online form. For example, a PDF contract or employee agreement can be generated using the contact details and e-signature from the digital form. Or, reports can be automatically generated pulling data from forms. These documents can be emailed to the relevant parties, and also sent to be stored in the right location for easy access later.


Technology has the power to transform how information is communicated and stored. Going paperless and automating workflows with digital forms allows a business to save time and money. It also increases accuracy of information, since manual data entry is eliminated. Furthermore, data is more secure when information flows from online forms to software and digital storage. Start building your forms at no cost with our Free Forever plan!