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Tips for Online Employee Application Forms

Tips for Employee Application Forms

Using online forms for applications is an effective way to streamline the hiring process. It is also a professional first impression for candidates. Here are tips for online employee application forms you can use in your business.

1. Legal Compliance

Be aware of labor laws in your state. There are many personal questions which are not legal to ask potential candidates. For example, asking about religion or sexual orientation is not allowed. So be sure that your employee application forms comply with the laws in your area.

2. Include a EOO

EOO is Equal Employment Opportunity. This legislation ensures that applicants can’t face discrimination based on age, race, color, and many other factors. Learn more about EOO on this government page. 

3. Be Relevant

Consider the job description you are hiring for and be sure all questions on the application form are relevant. For example, only ask about what kind of drivers licence they have if the role requires driving. Look at the skills and qualification needed for the job to decide on questions. For this reason, avoid using a general application form for a broad range of positions. Afterall, an office job application would have a set of questions which is very different from an application for position in the warehouse.

4.Avoid Financial Data

Don’t turn the application form into a new hire intake form. Though it may be tempting to try to gather lots of information in one form, this isn’t a good idea. First of all, it makes the form very long. Secondly, it will gather sensitive financial data which is not yet required. So a tip for employee application forms is to stick with the information needed to determine if an interview is worthwhile. When it comes time to hire your chosen candidate, then you can gather the information needed for payroll and benefits.

5. Optimize for Mobile 

Since many candidates may be using their phones, be sure your employee application form is optimized for mobiles. This removes a barrier and increases the number of applicants you receive for a posted job.

6. Get a Signature

Don’t forget to include a signature field in your employee application form! It’s important for applicants to sign off on the accuracy of the information they are providing. After all, later it could become known that they were not being fully honest. And if that happens, then you have grounds to terminate their employment.

7. Data Protection

Finally, communicate how your company will handle the personal information being provided on the application form. Simply include a statement outlining how information will be used and protected.


The hiring process can be tedious and time-intensive. However, using technology  is a way to simplify and automate. Following these tips for online employee application forms, you can create forms that will streamline the next hire.