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Online Form Ideas for Nonprofits

Online Form Ideas for Nonprofits

Online forms are used everywhere, and for good reason. Using online forms is effective for streamlining processes and increases the security and privacy of sensitive data. But if you thought the benefits of online forms were just for businesses, you may be surprised! Nonprofits, charities, and community organizations also gain advantages from integrating online forms into their processes. Read on to understand how, and to get specific online form ideas for non profits you can use to improve your organization.

Benefits of Online Forms for Nonprofits

Did you know there are over 1.54 million nonprofits registered in the United States? This valuable sector contributes over $1 trillion dollars to the economy of the nation. From health care to food banks, job creation to addiction support, nonprofits are a valuable foundation in every community.

And though these cover a range of sectors across the entire country, they all want to minimize expenses so they can contribute more to their cause. Transitioning to online forms has been proven to improve processes and reduce the need for staff. The benefits of online forms for non profits includes:

  • Reduced need for volunteers

  • Faster processing time

  • Eliminating keying errors

  • More accuracy in donor databases

  • More secure data management and compliance with privacy regulation

Form Ideas for Nonprofits

Ok, now that you have a taste of the benefits of switching to online forms, here are some specific form ideas for nonprofits:

Partnership Inquiry Online Form

Co-branding partnerships between companies and charities is not new. It’s a well established strategy that benefits everyone. And though the global brands reached by Unicef may be outside your scope, there are many opportunities to develop partnerships that fit your nonprofit. For example, a partnership between a food bank and a grocery store increases awareness and donations, as well as raising the profile of that store in the community.

Build a partnership inquiry online form to gather information about the company, contact details, and partnership ideas. Integrate this with other systems like a CRM so that everything is streamlined and eliminate data entry.

Sponsorship Application Online Form

Like partnerships, sponsorships are a powerful alliance between nonprofits and local businesses. A sponsorship may be annual, just for a season, or tied to a specific event. This could be a run to raise funds for a specific cause. Another example is a charity hosting a fundraising gala. They can share a sponsorship application online form inviting local businesses to select from packages that will provide promotion and visibility in exchange for cash. Another idea is to add to the form the option of donating event space, catering, drinks, or decor. 

Volunteer Application Online Form

Nonprofits, charities, and community organization rely on volunteers to run. Did you know that over 61 million adults in the United States regularly volunteer their time? And there is constant turnover. Circumstances change, organizations grow, and new volunteers are needed. This is smart use of online forms for nonprofits. Switching to an online form opens up lots of potential for streamlining and efficiency. For example, the volunteer form can be placed on the website, data from the completed forms can be added to the volunteer database, and integrations can set up phone or in person interviews.

Board of Director Application Online Form

Though the laws and requirements are different in every state, most nonprofits must have a Board of Directors. This governing body is there to oversee paid staff, budgets, and expenses. Directors have fiduciary responsibilities, and the selection process is important. Setting up a Board of Director application online form can be used in many ways. It can be placed on the organization website. Or it can be sent to select lists of potential new Board members. Build a form to ask about expertise, skills, and previous experience. Include a field for a Linked In profile or social media account. This keeps all information gathering in one tidy form.

Orientation and Onboarding Online Forms

Congratulations! Your online form reduced the paperwork of getting in new volunteers and Board members. Now, there is the orientation and onboarding stage. Switch to online forms here also. Build an online form which sections for emergency contact details, organizational structure, bylaws, policies, and procedures. Remember you can include a signature field to get which Because digital signatures are legally binding in the US, your organization is well protected and safe.

Fundraising Online Forms

Last but not least, fundraising online forms. Afterall, most charities would not survive without fundraising! Instead of costly old-school printing of donor request letters and mailing them out, upgrade your organization and go digital. Email a beautifully designed donation letter, and include a link to a contribution form where they can select their donation and make their payment. Integrate this all with accounting software for a seamless and paperless process.

As you can see, there are many form ideas for nonprofits to reduce the cost of paper and processing. We make online form building easy at Paperless Forms, so try our Free Forever plan today.