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Form Builder Success Story

Form Builder Success Story

This form builder success story is a powerful example of how upgrading to paperless forms boosts productivity and profits. Every organization benefits from being more efficient, and of course every business is looking to reduce costs and improve their profit margins. This case study is a success story about a uniform company. Read on for inspiration on how to make improvements in your business!

Uniform Company

Hoss Athletics is a leading uniform company. With over 20 years experience, they now represent over 100 school districts across the United States. They also supply many local and community sports teams outside of the school system. This means that Hoss collects and processes tens of thousands of orders annually.

Outdated Processes

When Hoss Athletics was first established back in 2000, paper was still the way to manage many business operations. Though email had become the normal way to communicate, faxing was still a thing. And computers were managing accounting tasks, but there was little automation available for small businesses. 

The outdated processes of this uniform company included individual paper order forms for each student. As you can imagine, this created a huge pile of paper which needed to be manually entered and processed. Which required more staff working in the office. And the more data entry there is, the more chance of mistakes. In addition to the cost of extra staff, there was the expense of paper, ink, postage, and storage.

As CEO Jeff Hayes explains, “we were being consumed by the effort it took to manage the administrative part of our fulfillment process. Managing paper orders was quickly becoming more of a core process than producing quality garments. Not only was there a logistical issue with managing that many paper orders, we also had to key all of that information in to an obsolete database system”

Going Paperless

Clearly, something had to change. Hoss was using old-school paper order forms to collect uniform requests from each student they sold a uniform to. They were overwhelmed with the volume of manual processing in the face of deadlines and customer expectations. Sound familiar? Going paperless was the answer. 

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Form Builder Success Story

Change management is a challenge in every organization. The transition was a success and Hoss Athletics gained these benefits:


  • Increased processing time

  • Reduced staff

  • More capacity to grow customer list

  • Faster processing time

  • Fewer errors

  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

  • More reports and business insights for better decision making

  • More secure data management and compliance with privacy regulations

This form builder success story is best summed up by CEO Jeff Hayes: “Paperless Forms allowed us to store, analyze, and leverage our order data to exploit growth opportunities…and the cost to get up and running was negligible. And now we’re able to process several times the number of orders with half the staff we previously needed.”

Tips for your organization

Where is the paper? 

If there are processes still happening on paper, consider if they can be moved online. For example, registrations, intake, signups, applications, contracts, agreements, and feedback forms.

Where is the bottleneck?

Are there times of the year when your team is overwhelmed? When there are just not enough hours in the day or extra staff are brought in to manage the workload? 

Bottlenecks may not be seasonal. They can happen on a regular basis when one step in a process is delayed because information isn’t flowing fast enough. If fulfillment or 

How many mistakes?

If you’ve had an email bounce back because of a typo, you know how frustrating it is when data isn’t accurate. One little keying error can lead to huge problems. Like issuing a credit for $1000 instead of $1. Human error costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. 

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