One mantra remains true year after year in business…time is money. And the more time you can save, the more money you can save and accumulate. More businesses and independent freelancers are making the switch to eContracts. The results they are experiencing by making their contract processes seamless and faster is that they are saving time and money as their businesses continue to grow. Let’s consider what making the switch to eContracts can mean for your business.

Speeding Up Acceptance and Approvals

Today, everyone seems to be in a hurry and often not willing to wait for a contract to be written and then delivered through mail to be signed. It can also be difficult to sync schedules to arrange for an in person signing of a contract. By switching to an eContract system, you can have templates ready online that can be easily customized for each customer instead of creating a new contract each time. Once the contract is ready to be signed, a link can be sent to your customer to notify them that the contract is ready to be signed. Once the customer signs the contract, you are notified immediately and can move to the next step in your business flow.

Relays Information That Can Reduce Chargebacks

With an eContract, your terms and other pertinent information can be completely detailed in depth so that your customer has the information they need to understand the price and any recurring charges, fees, taxes or shipping costs firsthand. You can prominently display the terms and conditions of your return and refund policies. By breaking down the purchase process in your eContract, you can reduce the likelihood of future chargeback and disputes, because you provided all that information to your customer beforehand. And you will have electronic proof that the customer received that information along with the time and date that they electronically signed the eContract and accepted your terms. Some systems even tract the geo location where the signature originated from.

An Easy Way to Go Green

By making the switch to eContracts, you are eliminating the need for paper contracts and the need to mail or deliver those contracts to your clients or customers. This reduces your shipping charges, which of course helps your business’s bottom line. eContracts also work toward reducing your business’s carbon footprint as less energy and materials are used to create contracts and you are not adding to the consumption of fuel used by delivery services. By switching to eContracts you are promoting green, earth-saving practices that make a positive impression on clients and customers, while hopefully buying us humans a little extra time on this planet we call home.

By integrating PaperlessForms’ eContracts into your business processes, you will accelerate your workflows and give your clients and customers the convenience of signing contracts electronically. Contact us today!

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