How often are server updates and security patches performed?

Our team routinely updates our servers and security patches to ensure the system remains secure and up to date. We monitor security advisories, vulnerability reports, updates released by our operating system vendor, software providers, and relevant security organizations. Every update and patch is rigorously tested in our staging and development environments to ensure it doesn't impact the functionality of our form builder software.

What devices can I use to build forms?

Use Paperless Forms to build forms on any device. Paperless Forms works on iPhone and Android cell phones, MacBooks and iPads, PCs and tablets.

Does Paperless Forms support integrations?

Yes! Get more out of your Paperless Forms account by integrating with popular software like CRMs, email marketing, project management tools, cloud storage apps, and more. Share data from any field in any form without the need for coding. Easily set up integrations that work for you and your organization. This connects data from your forms with software you are already using.

Are digital signatures legally binding?

Yes! Laws in the United States and Canada recognize and accept electronic signatures to be legally binding. The United States passed the E-Sign Act in 2020 (officially, "The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act". Canadian provinces have passed similar laws, and at the federal level there is the "The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act."

What is Paperless Forms?

Paperless Forms is a powerful online form builder that’s the easiest way to design digital forms on any device. The story of Paperless Forms starts when the team at a recruitment software company needed a simple, intuitive form builder for their customers. We wanted them to go paperless and be more efficient and effective in their business processes. All the software available was complex and had a big learning curve. So, our talented team of developers set out to design a simple, yet powerful form builder that could be used for projects of all sizes, from simple event forms to more advanced forms. Paperless Forms is the result.

How do I use Paperless Forms?

It's easy! Use your laptop, desktop, tablet, iPhone, or Android. Paperless Forms is the form builder software you can start using right away. No download or installation required. Access your forms from anywhere. Try it out for yourself with a free trial.

Is Paperless Forms easy to use?

Yes! No coding, no jargon, and no complex set of decisions to make. Building a form is as simple as drag and drop. Quickly make the form you need, then share it as a link, or email directly. There are prompts and explanations at every step along the way to guide you. If you get stuck, click over to our Help Center for more support. If you don’t see the answer you need, just contact us and a real human will help you..

Who is Paperless Forms for?

The full flexibility of the design canvas means you can make a form to meet a range of needs. Paperless Forms can be used by individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, schools, churches, non-profits, and community organizations.

What ways can I use Paperless Forms?

There are countless options for personal and business use, for all sizes of organization. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Sports team sign up form
  • Fundraising forms
  • New customer registration or intake form
  • Order forms (add payment collection!
  • Patient registration form
  • Student sign up sheet
  • Tenant application form
  • Lease agreement (add a field for signature!)
  • Customer feedback survey
  • Inventory tracking 
  • Employee application form
  • Employment contract

Is Paperless Forms secure?

Yes. Our software uses bank-level encryption methods to keep data completely confidential. We have 2 dedicated servers in the US (Lansing, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona) and 1 in Europe (Amsterdam). These operate on a redundancy system to ensure robust, reliable service with no downtime or lost data. Our technology is ISO certified and compliant with top global standards for privacy and security, including SSAE-16, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISAE 3402, and AMS-IX.

What features does Paperless Forms have?

Paperless Forms has all the features you need to create and send forms, obtain signatures, and collect payment. Full-featured and powerful, Paperless Forms is easy to use, and you can get a form built within minutes. Our features include:

  • Customization and branding so your form represents your organization
  • Send forms as a link or email directly
  • Email to 1 person or to a group
  • Download data from completed forms into an Excel or CSV file
  • Integrate with other software using API
  • Obtain signatures by adding a Signature field
  • Attach PDF documents
  • Save documents as a template
  • Internal notes on forms

Does Paperless Forms support large businesses?

Paperless Forms has the functionality and capability to scale up to any size of organization. Set up your team with their own login by adding User Licenses. There is no limit to how many User Licenses you can add. Your billing each month will be based on your plan and the number of User Licenses on your account.

How flexible is my Paperless Forms subscription?

Paperless Forms is a monthly subscription, which gives you full flexibility. You are free to move up or down a level according to your needs. Just click on the "Billing" tab when are logged in to your account. From there, you can update your payment method, or move to a different plan.

You can also cancel your paid plan and use the free level. This may result in losing some completed forms, so be sure to download your data first. Just scroll to the bottom of the "Billing" tab and look for "Cancel Subscription."

What is the difference between a User and a Recipient?

A Recipient is anyone who is completing a form you made using Paperless Forms. Recipients can complete your form using any device without the need to login or download anything.

A User has a unique login for a Paperless Forms account. Each account has 1 User. Additional Users can be added or removed to your account in the "Billing" screen. The cost for each User License is $14.95 per month.