The world has gone digital and mobile. Businesses both large and small are rapidly making the move to digital contract management to improve their customers’ experience and to streamline their workflow processes. If you have not made the move to digital contract management, what are you waiting for? When you switch to digital contract management, you will experience these five advantages.

1. Lower Costs

Making the switch to digital reduces many of your costs related to contract management. And it isn’t just money you’ll be saving on printing and delivery costs either. Automating your contract management using a digital system reduces the man hours spent on editing and managing contracts. You and your employees are then freed up to focus on more valuable tasks because of the time savings that digital contract management provides. So not only are you saving money, you are also saving time as your processes are transformed into a more efficient and streamlined system that can practically run itself.

2. Improved Customer Experience

By adopting digital contract management, you are making a commitment to improving your customers’ experienced. Instead of customers waiting days for a contract to arrive by snail mail or having to print out a PDF form, sign, and then either scan the document or fax it back, customers can instantly sign their contracts on any device. This reduces delays that can be frustrating to not just you and your employees, but to your customers as well.

3. Centralized and Unified Repository for All Contracts

No more lost or misfiled contracts. With digital contract management, you can pull up your customer contracts from one central database. No more frantically digging through file cabinets or trying to remember which employee has a copy of a contract. By storing your business’s contracts and other customer documents in the cloud, you have easy access to all regardless what device you use, including mobile devices.

4. A More Secure Solution

With your contract management documents stored in the cloud, the security of these documents is greatly improved. Instead of emailing files back and forth for approvals or signatures, everything is done in the cloud. This helps protect your customers’ private data and your company’s too. A digital system allows you to set parameters to allow access, editing and sharing privileges to those who need them. This makes this type of system ideal for working with remote staff or contractors, too.

5. Improved Compliance

With digital contract management, you have the ability to keep better track of your critical contracts with automated reminders. No more missing out on deadlines or other important dates that are related to your contracts.
There is no better time to experience the advantages of digital contract management with Paperless Forms.

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