Many businesses are making the choice to replace their paper forms with electronic forms, and for good reason. Having to deal with paper-based forms is actually a drain on a business. Creating forms, distributing forms, getting those forms signed and then filing and storing everything costs a lot of time and space which affect a business’s bottom line. By making the switch from paper to e-forms, key business processes can be streamlined and automated to transform your business. Here are several ways that e-forms work to transform businesses.

Eliminates Paper from the Start

Once electronic forms are implemented, the need for paper at the beginning of a process is eliminated. Time that is spent by employees in charge of handling the paper or trying to locate a lost form is eliminated. The information that is entered into the e-form eliminates the need to key in information from a paper form, which is time consuming when numerous forms are involved. This can be tedious for workers and drag productivity down. E-forms will take away the hassles of paper forms along with the risk of them being misplaced.

  • Updating forms is made easier with e-forms
  • Maintaining an audit trail is easier
  • Automated processes can be triggered by the e-form

Moves Information into Business Systems Faster

Because the information from an e-form is automatically uploaded into the business’s enterprise systems, it can be used faster to give insights that could lower operating costs while improving customer service response. The data can be sent and saved to one or more system databases automatically for a seamless process. This puts data obtained to work sooner as it is sent automatically to the departments that require it.

Data Accuracy Is Greatly Improved

The consistency and accuracy of data is greatly improved thanks to field-specific instructions. The entering of data that is considered redundant is reduced as fields can be auto-populated from previously entered data and data is validated before the form is submitted. Data entry errors are eliminated as the need for manual entry of data from a paper form into the system is eliminated.

Triggers Automated Workflows

As e-forms are completed, they can kick off the next step of a process. Information can be forwarded to specific departments. For example, documents can be forwarded to the appropriate people in the organization for review or approval for a seamless workflow.

Digital Signatures Are Legally Binding

Instead of waiting for a physical signature, digital signatures on e-forms are legally binding. This improves the speed that processes can be completed, such as the signing of a contract. This is just a mere sample of how e-forms can change your business processes for the better. Learn more how making the switch to e-forms with Paperless Forms can transform your business by calling us at (866) 256-6900.