Are you worried that your customers won’t be happy if your business migrates to online documents? Your company can rest assured that your clients will love using online forms and documents once you get going and here is why!

Digital Documents Save Time for All

It can be difficult to coordinate schedules so that all involved parties can be in one place, at one time to sign documents. Conflicting schedules usually require a signer to disrupt their day to meet somewhere to sign a contract. And today, with so many companies doing business globally, it may be impossible for your clients to sign documents in person. The ability to digitally sign documents from anywhere, on a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet takes the hassle out of getting documents signed and keeping businesses moving.

Digital Documents Provide Enhanced Security

Digitally signing documents can be more secure than physical signatures. Today, with the ever-present threat of identity theft, your client’s personal information is always at risk. Mailing signed documents that contain social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers puts client information at risk if documents are stolen or misplaced in transit, and not everyone has the ability to fax from their home. Personal information also has the potential of being intercepted when clients send documents via fax.

Digital Documents Improve the Customer Service Experience

When clients transact business online, their digitally signed documents can be accessed almost immediately no matter the distance. This is not true with paper contracts that are stored in file cabinets. Storage of hard documents means delays in your response to clients requests. Digital documents that are stored in the cloud or on your network can greatly improve the customer service experience.

PaperlessForms gives your business the ability for clients to digitally sign business documents for smoother business transactions. Give us a call at (866) 256-6900 to find out what we can do for your business.