What is a Hanging Form?

For digital forms that you send out to your Recipients you will need to first add the Recipient to Paperless Forms so that the system will know who to send the form to and for tracking purposes.

For each form that you create PaperlessFomrs provides you with a hyperlink to the form. You are able to post the link on any web page. For example you can put the link on your company’s website or include it on your social media pages. By doing so, you are essentially “hanging of form”. That means that anyone who visits that page can click on the the link and access/complete the form. Hanging forms are used for such things as registration forms or any other document that is open for anyone to complete.

Obviously if anyone can complete a “Hanging Form” you do not have the ability to enter those people as Recipients in advance. For forms that you intend to “Hang” select “Hanging Form” when you create it, or navigate back to the Edit Form page to change your selection at any time.

When a person clicks on the link for a “Hanging Form” they will be promted to provide their contact information as a first step. This step is the equivalent of adding that person as a Recipient and allows for validation and tracking just as if you had added the Recipient.