E-signing is appropriate for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to financial, hospitality and service industries. You might already be aware of some of the business benefits of implementing an e-sign app, such as reduced paper and storage costs, improved security, automating of processes and faster turnarounds with payments. But did you know that giving your customers access to e-signing will improve their customer experience? Anything that improves your ability to provide customer service is always going to be a plus for your business.

Why Is the Customer Experience So Important?

The happiness of your customers can make or break your business. In today’s mobile society, customers will gravitate to businesses that meet their need for speed and convenience. They want to be able to sign sales contracts, service contracts or financial documents at their convenience, which might not always fit standard business hours. And if you cannot offer this convenience, your customers could choose to look for someone who does.

Our e-sign app makes it easy for your customer to sign contracts, work orders or other documents with its intuitive nature. Customers do not need to be computer experts to e-sign a document. And when multiple signatures are required, the likelihood of a signature being missed—which could cause further delays—is eliminated.

As a business, offering e-sign and other services that improve your customer service is important for:

  • Building loyalty among your customers
  • Encouraging customers to refer your business
  • Giving you a competitive advantage
  • Strengthening your relationship with your customers

Keeping Your Customer’s Private Information Secure

Protecting personal information is a high priority for customers and businesses. Sending documents back and forth through the mail is not only slow and inefficient, it puts your customers’ personal information at risk. However, it also puts your business at risk. E-signing provides an extra layer of security that prevents employees that should not have access to personal information from being able to see it. Plus, the likelihood of fraud is also reduced as the customer’s identity is verified.

Improving Workflows with E-Signing

Time is money, and any delay with getting a document signed by a customer is going to slow down your workflows. And if you have multiple customers that you are waiting on for signatures, it directly affects your operations. Customers do not like to wait around, and when you have multiple delays in workflows, eventually you are going to hit bottlenecks that will upset customers and send them packing. E-signing improves workflows to keep your customers happier.

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