What are digital Forms?

What is PaperlessForms?

PaperlessForms helps you accelerate paper-based processes by allowing you to easily convert your legacy paper forms into interactive digital forms that can easily be completed on any computer or mobile device.

PaperlessForms requires no software to download or install, and can be accessed from anywhere.

How does PaperlessForms work?

To begin sending digital documents you first create the document using our simple form builder. While our form tool requires no graphic design experience our team of design experts is available to create your digital form for you or to hold your hand through the process. Once your digital document is created you simply add the names, email addresses, and mobile numbers of your recipients and begin sending directly from your PaperlessForms dashboard.

Before the document is delivered to the recipient(s) you will have the opportunity to add any internal information you desire. As documents are completed and return you or any of your other Users can add additional internal information. Forms can be view and stored in the system indefinitely. Form data can be downloaded to spreadsheet for analysis and reporting or exported to another system.

Who is PaperlessForms for?

PaperlessForms is designed for any organization that has repetitive paper-based processes that:

  • Currently create a process bottleneck to productivity
  • Result in manual followup activities
  • Produce event driven alerts
  • Warrant in-depth data analysis and/or reporting
  • Require faster turnaround times

What types of documents can I use PaperlessForms for?

Use PaperlessForms to replace any paper-based documents or processes where time, distance, accuracy, efficiency, security, tracking, or convenience, are an issue.

Are digital documents as safe as paper documents?

For many reasons, online documents are considered as safe if not safer than paper documents. PaperlessForms documents utilize several security features such as tamper-proof audit logs and bank-level data encryption that makes digital documents safer than paper documents.

While any document sent by email can be exposed throughout the email process, electronic documents within the PaperlessForms system are kept completely confidential and can viewed only by your designated recipients and users that you authorize. Furthermore, unlike paper documents, electronic documents cannot be misplaced, destroyed or tampered with.

Can I download and save my completed digital documents for my own records?

Yes. With PaperlessForms, you can download a copy of all completed documents at any time, including any attachments uploaded by your users or recipients. You can also export all forms data to Excel or CSV. Document recipients and your internal Users also have the ability to download a copy of documents they complete, excluding any information that you mark as “Private”.

Do recipients need to have a PaperlessForms account to complete forms?

No, your document recipients do not need to create an account to complete your forms. You can send your digital documents to anyone, whether or not they have a PaperlessForms account, and there is no limit to the number of recipients you can send documents to.

How can PaperlessForms help my company go paperless?

PaperlessForms provides you with a simple platform to easily convert paper documents into digital forms, along with the means to edit, deliver, track, and store your forms throughout the document life-cycle. Designed to conform to your current workflow PaperlessForms can be used to simply facilitate the fast, efficient completion of your documents, or you can allow PaperlessForms to administer an entire work process, including automation and event driven alerts. PaperlessForms also allows you to extract completed form data for in-depth analysis and reporting or to import into any other systems that your office uses.

How many user licenses will my business need?

The admin account comes with a single user license. If you plan to allow others in your organization to create, edit, send, view, contribute data to, or download forms, they will each need their own user license. Recipients who complete your forms do not need a user license.

How do I send a document to a recipient for completion?

To send a document login to your PaperlessForms account and click “Add Form” to create your first form. This will take you to the Form Builder Tool.

Once in Form Builder click “Create Form” to start a new form or select from available Public Forms.

If you have any additional Users on your account be sure to set User permissions for this form before exiting.

Click ”Home” to return to your dashboard.

From the Home Page click “Add Recipients”. Each person that you intend to send a form to for completion will need to be added as a recipient (except in the case of “Hanging Forms“). Larger numbers of recipients can be added using the “Upload from File” function.

From the Home Page click “Send” to the right of the applicable form.

The form will open up allowing you to add any additional content before sending. This page will also allow you to choose which Recipients or Recipient Group you would like to send the form to.

Click “Send” Each of your Recipients will receive an email and/or text message with a unique link to view and complete your document. Each Recipient will also be automatically added to your Response page. From the Home Page click “View Responses” to see submitted forms.

On the Responses Page each Recipient is listed with a status of “Pending”, meaning that the document was sent but has not yet been completed. Once completed by the Recipient the form status will change to “Completed”. You will also receive an email notification that the form has been submitted if you set the “Notifications” selection to “Yes”.

What is a “Hanging Form”?

For digital forms that you send out to your Recipients you will need to first add the Recipient to PaperlessForms so that the system will know who to send the form to and for tracking purposes.

For each form that you create PaperlessFomrs provides you with a hyperlink to the form. You are able to post the link on any web page. For example you can put the link on your company’s website or include it on your social media pages. By doing so, you are essentially “hanging of form”. That means that anyone who visits that page can click on the the link and access/complete the form. Hanging forms are used for such things as registration forms or any other document that is open for anyone to complete.

Obviously if anyone can complete a “Hanging Form” you do not have the ability to enter those people as Recipients in advance. For forms that you intend to “Hang” select “Hanging Form” when you create it, or navigate back to the Edit Form page to change your selection at any time.

When a person clicks on the link for a “Hanging Form” they will be promted to provide their contact information as a first step. This step is the equivalent of adding that person as a Recipient and allows for validation and tracking just as if you had added the Recipient.

Can I reuse a document I’ve already sent?

Yes, Documents exist as templates so you can send them as often as you like. You can also forward a completed document to a second recipient to complete the document with additional information. When you do this the original completed document stays in place and is not altered. PaperlessForms creates a duplicate document for forwarding to the second Recipient. The forwarded document is assigned a new ID and appears in the Response table as a separate pending document until the new Recipient completes it.

Can I send a document to several people at once?

Yes. From the Home page select the form that you would like to send. When you click the “Send” button next to the form name you will be taken to a Send page where you select the Recipient or group of Recipients.

Can I cancel or change my subscription at any time?

Yes. PaperlessForms is entirely self-service. You start and stop your subscription at any time. PaperlessForms also have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan as often as you like to accommodate your form needs.

Does PaperlessForms support large enterprise businesses?

Yes. You can add as many Users from your company as you like. Each User will require his or her own User License. Each User can send documents to as many Recipients as they like. Recipients do not require a User License.

How do I cancel my PaperlessForms subscription?

To cancel your subscription log in to your account and navigate to your Home page. From the Home page click Manage Billing. On the Manage Billing page click the big, red, “Cancel” button. You do not need to contact Customer Service or your credit card company.

You are welcome to return and reinstate your account at any time.

Can I delete forms and completed documents?

You can delete blank or completed forms at any time. However it is not recommended as all deletions are final.

What do Recipients need to use to complete a PaperlessForm document?

PaperlessForms can be signed on any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, with a modern web browser. On a computer, the most popular method of signing is to use a mouse to draw a signature. On a smartphone or tablet, the Recipient can use their device’s touchscreen to draw their signature. Recipients must have an active internet connection to access documents that you send to them.