• High School
    2018-2019 Grading Procedures

  • 1. Attendance:
    Students are expected to be on time for all classes and attend school all day every day.

    If a student exceeds ten (10) absences in a course, when combining verified and unverified absences, (documented, school business or suspensions do not apply), and if the student has demonstrated proficiency by earning a passing grade for the entire semester. The student will receive credit for the class, but will earn a grade point average of 0.00 for the class to factored into the overall GPA.

    We do understand that extenuating circumstances sometimes occur over the course of a semster that lead to an excess of 10 verified/unverified absences. Consequently, an appeal can be completed as long as the following criteria are met:

    Appeal: In order for students to appeal they must A) initiate an appointment with their assigned administrator upon their tenth absence to develop an Attendance Plan; B) score a 70% or higher on the end of semester common assessment/capstone; C) complete ALL conditions of the attendance plan. NOTE: All conditions must be met before any changes to a student's transcript will be made and NO attendance appeal will be considered if the class was NOT passed. 
  •    Tardy Policy:
    Students will be considered tardy if they are not present in their assigned class when the bell signifying the start of that class period sounds.
    a. Students who accumulate five unexcused tardies (per class) will be assigned one half hour detention to be completed within a week of being assigned the detention.
    b. A new detention will be assigned for each tardy after five. 
    c. Students who fail to attend detention will be assigned two detentions.
    d. Students who do not complete their assigned detentions in a timely manner will be referred to their assigned administrator for further discipline.

    *For more details, the entire Attendance Policy can be found on the district website and in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • 2. Cumulative Grading & Grade Reporting
    Semester grades (.5 credits) are determined using Cumulative Grading. After the first nine (9) weeks of each semester, progress reports will be distributed in Academic Advisory. It is important to remember that nine (9) week grades are a reflection of student progress midway through the semester. Report Cards (semester grades), will be issued after 18 weeks and are the only grades that are calculated into the grade point average (GPA) and recorded on the official transcript. 
  • 3. Cheating/Plagiarism:
    An essential part of education is developing a sense of academic honesty and integrity. There is zero tolerance in regards to cheating/plagiarism. If a student cheats or plagiarizes on any class work or assessment (tests/quizzes), that student will receive a zero and the parent/guardian will be notified by the classroom teacher. In addition, any student who assists another student in the act of cheating/plagiarizing will experience the same consequences. Students will have in opportunity to complete the assignment or take the assessment to assist the student in mastery of the content; however, the grade will remain a zero. 

  •  I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above procedures. 
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